These general contracting conditions (hereinafter General Conditions) regulate the process of buying the products offered by the company MARIA ELENA LEON MARQUEZ with CIF 53256578 D (hereinafter, trough its website
The General Conditions bind and the buyer, giving them a series of rights and obligations, from the moment the costumer places an order and agrees trough the aforementioned website, and the order is confirmed by, by submitting an email with the orders data and information. They are of mandatory knowledge and compliance by both parties, so acceptance is essential in order to formalize the purchase request.
The titles of the clauses are just informational and don't affect, classify or extend the interpretation of the General Conditions.
These General Conditions shall be regulated by the current legislation.
Social Address: Passatge Bonavista, 8, - El Mareny de Barraquetes 46419 Valencia España
CIF : 53256578 D
A costumer is considered to be any consumer or user, physical or legal person, at the website, that, acting in an area oblivious of a business or professional activity, place an order and gives its acceptance  in the moment of its completion (acceptance of the General Conditions and Order Confirmation). All users are considered, trough its website, final consumers, whether physical persons or legal entities, and the relations between the selling company and the costumer shall be governed in accordance with the current Spanish legislation for consumers and users.
The costumer must register as such and, as a mandatory requirement, facilitate all the needed data to place the order.
According to the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, and the Law 34/2000, of July 11, on Services of the Information and Electronic Commerce Society, will store the data provided by the costumer in a file property of, registration code 2131902120, with filename and date of 09/07/2013. Such data will only be used for the required contracts, and will not be transmitted, in any case, to third parties, unless these are involved in the development of the contractual object. may send commercial information about their services and the costumer can cancel, at anytime, such communications. To execute your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or data opposition, the costumer must contact: File Manager (Data Protection), by email using or by post to the address: Passatge Bonavista, 8, - El Mareny de Barraquetes 46419 Valencia España
This contract object concerns the online sale of products and items related with music and dance offered by on their website
4.- FEATURES OF THE OFFER offer is limited to the products appearing on their website.
Each product has a record page on the website, indicating the product name, the specific model, an indicative photograph and the retail price of the product with VAT included.
Each product page indicates its price including VAT. Shipping and cargo insurance, and additional expenses (expenses that occur in orders placed using the PayPal system) are not included in this price.
The total cost of the order (the retail price of the product or products that compose it, shipping costs and the correspondent additional costs) will be notified to the costumer in the moment that he places the order and in advance of the costumer acceptance of the referred order costs.
The price of the products is listed on the website, at the time of placing the order and during the valid period of the offer. 
The acceptance of the offer by the costumer occurs in the moment that he gives his express consent to realize the referred order. It is materialized by checking the box to accept the General Conditions and clicking on the "Complete Purchase" button displayed in the "Summary" page., will confirm the order by sending an email to the address provided by the costumer when ordering. This email sent to the costumer contains all the data related to the order.
The costumer can use three methods to proceed with payment of the order:
1.- Credit Card Payment
The costumer can choose to pay by credit car, performing that operation in the moment he completes the order. This payment doesn't involve additional costs. The process costs are assumed by
2.- PayPal - Payments made trough the secure PayPal payment system
This payment method involves an additional cost depending on the value of the sum of the product or products ordered, and the postage costs, if there is any.
3.- Bank Transfer
This payment method involves more time to process. The purchase will not be effective until it is credited to the bank the value transferred. If within 7 days the transfer is not effective the order will be canceled.
The system will automatically calculate the order shipping costs, as well as additional costs associated with the payment method chosen by the costumer, and these total and final prices will be communicated prior to the acceptance of the order by the costumer.
Upon order confirmation, the product has a delivery time from 24 to 72 hours, ever since such products are available in stock and depending on which shipping method was chosen by the costumer.
For the remaining products, the delivery time will be indicated in the product details page. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays of the city's registered office are excluded for computing the prescribed period of delivery of the order.
Depending on the selection at the shipping address indicated by the client in the order delivery information, this will be made door to door or at post offices. The subsequent modification to this address may generate a number of additional expenses that will, in any case, be at the costumers responsibility.
With each order it will be delivered to the costumer a ticket or proof of purchase (which meets all the requirements and forms indicated in the RD 1496/2003, of 28 November, by which are approved the regulations that manage the billing obligations and by which are applied modifications to the Added Value Tax Regulations), either within the shipping package, either stuck on the package of the shipped product, or in digital format that can be downloaded from our website.If this document doesn't arrive with the order the costumer may request it by email to In that email the costumer must provide the costumer name and the number of the order for that the document can be remitted by email in PDF file format.
1.- Cancellations of unsent physical orders:
To cancel an order that has not yet been sent (like a physical product such as a pair of shoes) the costumer must send an email to with the specified request, indicating the name of the holder of the order and the order number that you which to cancel. If the order had been paid in advance, we will proceed to refund the amount via Bank Transfer, less a 2% for bank charges and adding 10 € For each product (ten Euros) for administration costs.
2.- Cancellations of sent and not delivered physical orders:
 If an order has already been shipped and the costumer doesn't want it, there is the need to indicate to the carrier that went to designated shipping direction that you don't want to accept the order, you which to reject the order and not accept the delivery.
If the order had been paid in advance, you must send an email to, indicating the name of the order holder and the number of the rejected order so when the product is received back in our warehouse we can proceed with the refund. If the order had been paid in advance, we will proceed to refund the money amount by Bank Transfer, deducting the shipping charges, a 2% for bank costs and an extra 10 € (Ten Euros) for administration costs. The additional expenses resulting from the refund will be at the costumer's responsibility.
3.- Cancellation of ticket orders:
You may cancel the purchase of your event tickets.
You need to send an email requesting the cancellation of the order. The email must be sent with the same email account that you used when registering at In the email you must provide the reservation code or the order number, that was sent to you at the time of the purchase and that is listed on your bill.
The money of the tickets purchase will be refunded if the purchase is cancelled BEFORE the last 30 days until the event takes place. (This may vary depending on the clauses of each event.)

The cancellation will generate an expense of 2% of the total value of the purchase to be reimbursed and an extra 10 € For each product (Ten Euros) of administration costs. The money refund will only take place within within a maximum period of up to 60 calendar days and it will be done using Bank Transfer.
The money of the tickets purchase will not be refunded if the purchase is cancelled WITHIN the last 30 days until the event takes place, but they can exchange holders (pass the ownership for another person).
The money will only be refunded using a Bank Transfer within a within a maximum period of up to 60 calendar days if the cause of the cancellation is due to a major force and there will be the need to justify the causes attaching medical proofs, work, etc.
Please, in the email you must attach your bank account information including the IBAN number. 
The cancellation will generate an expense of 2% of the total value of the purchase to be reimbursed and an extra 10 € For each product (Ten Euros) of administration costs.

Change of ownership.

Expenses Change of Owner 10 € .-

Name and Last Name:
DNI/ ID/ Passport
Change of Holder 10,00.- € For each Product (Ten euros) of management expenses.
Until you receive the email with the information requested, no change of ownership of your purchase will proceed.

You must send us the following information of the person to whom you want to confirm as beneficiary of the ticket: Full Name and DNI Number.
Until we don't receive the email with the requested information we will not proceed cancellation or change of ownership of your purchase.
Using the Reservations Services - Online purchases of Hotel Bookings.
Contract procedure: 
When using this service the costumer will receive a confirmation email that includes the order number which corresponds to the number of the reservation/purchase. This email serves as proof of reservation and has confirmation of acceptance.

Guarantee and Cancellation Policy: NON REFUNDABLE RAT
Exceptions according to each case. Reporting your situation by email:


a) Until June 20, 2021. Modifications may be made provided that there is an increase in days or pensions and no decrease in the contracted Hotel Service:
1) Without Penalty.
2) Management Expenses Modification: € 10 .- (ten euros)

b) Until June 20, 2021. The holder of the contracted Hotel Service may change:
1) Without Penalty.
2) Management expenses change of owner: € 10 .- (ten euros)

c) Until June 20, 2021. The contracted Hotel Service may be canceled:
1) Penalty: 10%
2) Management fees cancellation: € 10 .- (ten euros)

d) Until June 20, 2021. The contracted Hotel Service may be canceled: Attaching a medical certificate, work certificate etc. that justifies said cancellation.
1) Penalty: 2%
2) Management fees cancellation: € 10 .- (ten euros)

Any claim must be made to the company organizing the event
Benidorm Salsa Congress S.L

We acknowledge the costumer right to cancel the order within the period of 7 working days counting from the moment we receive the request, as indicated by the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, by which is approved the text of the General Law for the Consumers and Costumers Defense and other complementary laws.
To make the refund, the product must be in perfect conditions and in the original package.
To activate this right the costumer must:
Contact to assign the costumer with a devolution number and the address to which the devolution must be submitted. To do this, the costumer must send an email to stating his full name and the order number. Devolutions without a devolution number will not be accepted.
Devolutions of defective or incomplete products or with damaged product packaging will not be accepted.
Attach an envelope where its indicated: the name of the order owner (physical or legal person), the order number, the assigned devolution number and a copy of the receipt or proof of purchase.
Send the devolution using prepaid mail. The cost of the devolution is a costumers responsibility, and he also will be considered responsible for cases of loss or damage during transport. will not accept withdrawal devolutions sent with payment at destiny (sent freight).
The costumer must proceed with the devolution within two working days since a devolution number is attributed.
Devolutions will not be accepted without prior fulfillment of these indications.
We will not accept revocations of products modified and prepared in accordance with the costumer specifications or clearly personalized.
Once we receive the product at our warehouse, and after verification of their status, we'll refund the order amount through Bank Transfer, deducting a 2% of bank charges and an additional 10 € (Ten Euros) for administration costs. The refund of this sums shall be realized as soon as possible and in any event not later than thirty days after the returned product has arrived at our facilities, download the document from here, click here:
To read and accept the General Conditions before confirming the order. 
Abide the General Conditions once the order is accepted. 
Pay the agreed upon the moment of ordering.
Deliver the product in good condition at the accorded place of delivery.
Respect the order price agreed at the time of its completion.
Receive the products that make up your order in perfect condition.
Cancel the order before shipment, communicating this action by email to
Reject the order to the delivery.
Receive payment orders.
Modify the periods of product delivery according to the availability of the same, communicating this to the costumer.
Cancel orders for non-payment of the costumer.
Cancel the website without notice.
14.- Complaint forms are available to costumers in the store located at Passatge Bonavista, 8, - El Mareny de Barraquetes 46419 Valencia España
For the purpose of notifications, requests and writing of any kind that this contract leads it will be known as domicile of the indicated at the General Conditions.
Although the invalidity or unenforceability of any clause of these General Conditions or a part of it, the remaining clauses or parts of it will continue to be valid and to have value.
These General Conditions are governed by Spanish Legislation, in particular by: Civil Code, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for Consumers and Costumers Defense and Complementary Laws; Law 7/1998, of 13 April, General Conditions of Contract: Law 34/2002, of July 11, Information and Electronic Commerce Society Services; Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 of June; and the regulation that develops them. /
+34 640 376 719 Passatge Bonavista, 8, - El Mareny de Barraquetes 46419 Valencia España
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