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  • Adrian & Anita

    Desde su unión y hasta el día de hoy, ADRIAN Y ANITA, han copado el mercado nacional e internacional participando como máximas estrellas y cabeza de cartel en todos los eventos importantes a nivel mundial. Han visitado más de 40 países y donde han ido su marca han dejado; E.E.U.U, Suiza, Holanda, Alemania, Korea, México, Brasil, Grecia, Croacia, Bulgaria, Rusia y así, una lista interminable, que se han rendido con el arte de esta espectacular combinación.

    Sus espectáculos llenos de energía y siempre innovadores, han marcado un antes y un después en miles de parejas de todo el mundo que, ven en ADRIAN Y ANITA, un referente a seguir. Sus clases magistrales y sus propias técnicas y estilos al enseñar los secretos del baile, han ayudado y entretenido a miles de adeptos a los ritmos caribeños alrededor de todo el globo terráqueo.

  • Chaves y Silvia
  • Korke y Judith

    Korke Escalona has over 16 years of extensive experience in the international Latin dance world.
    Korke is the creator of the Bachata Sensual style: more than 13 years ago, he wanted to express more feelings and passion while dancing bachata and started adding various body movements, isolations and other undulations to strengthen the connection and harmony between the partners in the dance.
    In Spain, he is known as the "Master of Masters" as he is the teacher of many of the top bachata couples in this style. He is also founder of the BachataStars competition that has launched the careers of some of the current top bachata dancers like Daniel & Desiree, Chavez & Silvia, Ronald & Alba and others.
    Judith, his partner, has over 15 years of dance trajectory and complements Korke's style with her beautiful movements and sensuality, which contain elements of ballet and modern dance, as well as a distinct Latin flavor.
    This couple is full of strength both socially and on stage, and always gets a lot of love from the audiences they teach and perform for, both for their professionalism and for their friendliness and personality.

  • Tito Ortos

    Ortos J. Gutiérrez Ortiz, better known as Tito Ortos, was born in Santurce on December 26, 1974. After finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Science from the University of Puerto Rico and studying music, vocals, bass and clarinet, Tito started his career as a Salsa Dancer by his parent's initiative, both musicians. Also he develops as a dancer of other genres such as: Jazz, Merengue, "Bomba y Plena", Rumba, Modern Dance and Tap among others. Since then, he has visited more than 100 cities worldwide giving performances and classes, with his wife and dance partner Tamara Livolsi. They both participate yearly in congresses around the world and work as judges for the Salsa Open and for the World Salsa Championships. Produce the Puerto Rico Hustle and Salsa Festival and they are part of the organization of the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress.
    Tamara Livolsi, was born in Argentina on February 24, 1978, but was raised in Puerto Rico; she inherited from her mother the art of dancing. With more than 20 years experience, trained in various dance disciplines like: jazz, ballet, hip hop and others, makes her a versatile dancer and instructor. She has worked for artists like: Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal, Manny Manuel, Ednita Nazario, Yuri, Grupo Mania and Wilkins among others.

    Both of them have participated in various television commercials, dance videos and movies such as, "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights", Yellow, El Cantante: Hector Lavoe and American Gangster as dancers. Also they own and operate Rhythms Dance Studio, with Danny Lugo choreographer.

    Today, Tito is not only a Salsa Dancer, he also is the Director of the San Juan City Salsa Dance Program and has made the choreographic works for concerts of artists such as: Gilberto Santa Rosa, Víctor Manuelle, El Gran Combo, Michael Stuart, Tito Nieves, Rubén Blades, Richie Rey y Bobby Cruz, Domingo Quiñones, Ismael Miranda, Elvis Crespo, Cheo Feliciano, Modesto Cepeda, Andy Montañez, NG2, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Tommy Olivencia, Julio Voltio and Tego Calderón. He was also the choreographer for the "Bomba" and "Cha-Cha-Cha" routine in Ricky Martin's appearance in Miss Universe 2001 and the Celia Cruz "Azúcar" Special in Miami in 2003. In addition as a jazz dancer he has performed with Melina León, Yaire, Elvis Crespo, Olga Tañón and others.

  • Adolfo Indacochea

    Adolfo brings all the fun to every class! Full of energy and explosiviness, he is known as the great successor of this style, in which all its traditional elements are combined with some jazz, contemporary dance, flameco and ballroom dancing, making him unique in the world.

    Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Adolfo started taking salsa lessons as a hobby in 2001, when he moved to Mexico to study Engineerings. His great talent had always been evident, since the companies Salzumba or Mambos were founded. One of his mentors were the great Eddie Torres, who proposed him to become part of one of the most prestigious groups in the world. Since them, he has danced all over the world sharing the stage with outstanding personalities.

    Adolfo feels a profound love for mambo and he always dance with his heart, as it is shown in his choreographies, where he expresses his original combinations for every level with that innovative touch that distinguishes him. Learn how to fascinate anybody in the same way Adolfo does, with his excellent presence on the stage and his passion for mambo.

  • Ye Mambo
  • Ronald y Alba

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