General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Our goal in Cucumpa (Property ofPablo Alejandro Marielli.), Our goal is to ensure that your experience when making a purchase is swift, easy and fair to enable you to be on course to experiencing your live event as quickly as possible. These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase have been conceived to assure that the purchasing process on is satisfactory and understandable for you. These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase also incorporate our website Terms and Conditions of Use They will be available at all times in Spanish, or English at for you to view, save or print. If you have any queries concerning the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the website Terms and Conditions of Use you may use the forms available and/or contact us via the email address and we will be happy to help.

Cucumpa is an online shopping service available 24 hours a day that allows you to buy tickets for all kinds of shows and events, Dance shoes, Classes, Music or any material related to music and dance over the Internet from the comfort of your own PC.
Through the website, Cucumpa provides an advance ticket sales service to allow the public and users to buy tickets, managing their distribution on behalf of and for the promoter.

In addition, this section contains all the necessary information on the steps that users must follow to acquire a ticket for an event or show, the terms and conditions, the return policy, etc. Cucumpa offers its website in Spanish, and English. Users can choose the language in which they prefer to manage and finalize the ticket purchase at any time or simply select the language they prefer to use to navigate the website.

For all issues relating to the processing of users’ personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Use of the website confers the status of user and this means that you are agreeing to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the Terms and Conditions of Use according to the version published by Cucumpa at the time the user is browsing the website.

The user states that he has the legal capacity needed to act and carry out transactions on the website in line with the terms set forth below, which he states he understands and agrees to.

The user is responsible for providing his details correctly during the purchasing processes provided on the Cucumpa webs ite, and he should take particular care when entering his personal data and bank details.

In accordance with the Privacy Policy, when using data recorded on the file Cucumpa undertakes to respect the confidentiality of such data and to use it in accordance with the purpose established for said file, as well as to fulfil the obligation to keep said data and adopt all measures needed to avoid the un authorised alteration, loss, processing or access to said data in accordance with current legislation on personal data protection. The issue and remittance of data by a user via the Cucumpa website or information sent to us shall be protected using the latest online electronic security techniques. Moreover, the data entered in and stored in our databases is also protected by security systems preventing un authorised third parties from gaining access. Cucumpa en deavours to ensure it has the latest technology systems to guarantee efficiency in security.

Our ticket sales service is offered in exchange for payment, and users are given all the information needed concerning the price of each ticket at all times on the website. The information service offered via the website is free of charge.

Cucumpa strives to offer promoters and the general public with a channel for purchasing tickets, but at no time does it act as an entity promoting the event or show.

01. General provisions
1.1 We sell tickets and associated products and/or services on behalf of promoters, producers, teams, artists and venues or establishments. By “Promoter” or “Promoters” we refer to the persons organising or holding the show and/or who provide us with tickets and/or associated products or services to sell.
1.2 We sell tickets as soon as and whenever they are assigned to us by the Promoters. The number of tickets made available to us for sale varies from show to show. Tickets are often sold via a number of distribution points, including online channels, call centres and even ticket booths. All distribution points have access to the same inventory and ticket issue system; accordingly, tickets for popular shows may sell out in a short space of time. Occasionally, more tickets may be made available prior to a particular show, although Cucumpa has no control over inventory or availability.
1.3 For some shows, tickets may be sold as part of a “package” (when a ticket is sold for a show along with concessions, promotional items or other valuable features, such as exclusive seats, accommodation, transport, meals or promotional items as an all-inclusive package sold accordingly) or as part of “targeted sales” (where, aside from the ticket and independently from it, customers are offered the chance to secure parking, promotional items, travel, etc.).
1.4 In these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase we refer to "items" as all types of products and / or services that go on sale (such as tickets, packages and specific sales). In order to purchase an item from us, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit / debit card, have a valid credit / debit card, bank account and / or Paypal issued in your name.
The user declares that he is of legal age (over 18 years old) and has the necessary legal capacity to carry out a transaction of the services offered by the providers through the website in the terms set out below, which the user declares. he understands and agrees.

If minors carry out a transaction, the permission of their parents or legal guardians will be needed to allow them to use the requested service. The user is solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided to Cucumpa during the reservation process.

02. Contract
2.1 Any purchase of an item from us is governed by these General Purchase Conditions.
2.2 Your contract for the purchase of an item is effective as soon as we confirm your purchase and ends upon completion of the program for which you have purchased the item. However, if you have purchased any products as part of our specific sales, your purchase agreement will terminate after fourteen (14) days from the delivery date. All purchases are subject to verification of the payment method. Your transaction may be canceled if the verification process cannot be completed successfully.
2.3 Users undertake not to obtain or try to obtain any type of article through un authorised use of any robot or automated device or by any other un authorised or unlawful activity. We reserve the right to cancel any transaction we have reason to suspect has been performed in breach of these provisions without issuing users with prior warning, and all articles purchased in such transactions shall be cancelled.
2.4 We reserve the right to cancel any reservation we have reason to suspect has been made in a fraudulent manner.

03. Purchase of tickets
In order to simplify your purchase of tickets as far as possible, we offer a number of purchase options:
• Via the Internet
• Using your mobile

Sale of tickets via the Internet
By purchasing your tickets online, not only do you avoid the queues, you can also view your purchase history at any time and, in some cases, you can also print out your tickets in the comfort of your own home.

04. Payment methods
Purchases made over the Internet
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express, regardless of the bank or type of card (credit / debit) Bank Transfer, or Paypal
The ticketing system uses a secure server and the latest encryption technology.

05. Check your purchase
You can check if the purchase was successful by clicking on "My Tickets / Tickets Located in My Account".
06. How do I get my tickets?
Once your purchase is completed and the confirmation email received. You will receive an email with the entry in PDF, or also in your Account you will always have access to the entries

07. Prices and expenses
Purchases you make from us may generate management fees per Item and non-refundable delivery costs per order, but all will be specified before the purchase process begins.

If your purchase was successful, you will receive a confirmation email with detailed information about the purchase you just made. If the email does not reach your inbox, it may be because some Internet services identify it as spam. Make sure to check your spam folder. If you made your purchase over the phone, a confirmation will not be sent to you.

08. Cancellations
8.1 If you have purchased a ticket, or package, you will not be entitled to cancel your purchase. You will also not be entitled to cancel any “excluded targeted sales”, such as targeted sales including travel, accommodation, meals, transport or leisure services. You can see the full list of our excluded targeted sales in our information concerning cancellations.
8.2 If you have purchased any product as part of targeted sales (except for excluded targeted sales), you will be entitled to cancel your transaction within fourteen (14) days following the date of delivery of the product (or within a longer period, if established according to the terms and conditions of the Promoter). Nonetheless, in these cases you will not be entitled to cancel your associated purchase of tickets. In order to cancel your purchase as part of targeted sales you should fill in and submit our cancellation form or contact us. You can find further details about your cancellation rights in our information concerning cancellations.

9. Tickets
9.1 Any ticket you purchase from us will continue to be the property of the Promoter, constituting a personal revocable license that may be withdrawn, refusing admission at any time. If this takes place, you will be refunded the sales price of the ticket withdrawn from you or for which admission is refused (including all ticket administration costs, although excluding order processing fees).
9.2 The policies set by our Promoters may prevent us from issuing tickets to replace any lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed ticket. For instance, for shows that are standing room only where the original ticket and the replacement may be used, the maximum allowed capacity of the venue may be breached. If replacement tickets are issued, we may charge you reasonable administration costs.

9.3 Once you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. We do not accept any liability for lost or stolen tickets. Please be aware that exposure to direct sunlight or heat may occasionally lead the tickets to deteriorate. Your ticket should be kept in a cool, dry place out of contact with plastic or magnetic fields.
9.4 It is your responsibility to check your tickets. Errors cannot always be rectified, although prior to the start of your transaction you will be informed about the technical methods available to you in order to spot and rectify errors in introducing data.
9.5 You are entitled exclusively to a seat (if it includes it) of a value that corresponds to that indicated in your ticket.

10. Prohibitions
10.1 When buying tickets from us, the number of tickets you can buy will be limited to a specific number for each show. The number will be stated on the initial purchase page and is checked on each transaction. This policy applies in order to prevent malpractice in the purchasing of tickets. Tickets may be limited to a maximum amount per person, per credit card and, for some shows, a restriction may apply to each household. We reserve the right to cancel purchased tickets exceeding this number without prior warning.
10.2 Tickets may be sold with specific restrictions on access and use, such as limited, obstructed or side views, or minimum age limits for admission. When this is the case, the restriction shall be specified on our website or you will otherwise be notified before or when reserving your tickets. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read all notifications posted on our website.
10.3 You will not be able to resell or assign your tickets when prohibited by law, or with prior authorization from Cucumpa
10.4 A ticket cannot be used for advertising, promotion or competition purposes, nor in draws, unless you seek express permission in writing in a reliable manner from the Promoter. However, even if permission is granted, use of our trademarks and other intellectual and industrial property will also require prior consent from us.

11. The show
11.1 In case of cancellation or change of date of a show, we will use all the means that are reasonably available to us to notify you the cancellation as soon as we receive the corresponding authorization from the Promoter. Cucumpa, in case of any change that occurs in an event or show, undertakes to:
a) Publish it on its website as soon as it becomes aware of it, in order to keep users duly informed.
b) Send a message to the email address or an SMS to the mobile phone number indicated by the user at the time of purchase informing about said changes.
c) Cucumpa will inform the user about the procedure to proceed with the refund of the amount.

11.2 You should be aware that the published starting times of shows are subject to change.
11.3 Tickets are sold notwithstanding the Promoter’s right to alter or vary the program me owing to events or circumstances reasonably beyond their control, without them being required to refund sums paid or exchange tickets, unless such a change constitutes a major alteration in accordance with the provisions of section 1.4, whereby the stipulations of said article shall be applicable.
11.4 Responsibility for the state of visibility at the event or show venue, sound quality, comfort at the establishment, accessibility and so on shall be incumbent on the Promoter.

12. Refunds
12.1 At times, shows may be cancelled, the date changed or any other major changes made to the event by the team, the artist or the Promoter for a variety of reasons. Please contact us for specific indications in this regard.
Once a ticket has been purchased, the amount may not be refunded or changed, except in circumstances stipulated in current legislation.
Not being able to attend an event or show or making a mistake in purchasing the ticket(s) shall not constitute grounds for a refund. Users are not entitled to exercise the right to withdrawal or termination in accordance with applicable regulations on consumer affairs and retail trading.
12.2 Cancellation: if a show is cancelled (not the same as a change of date), you will be offered a refund for the sales price of your ticket(s), including administration costs for each ticket. If a show takes place over a number of days and one or more days are cancelled (but not the entire show over all planned days), a partial refund may apply solely to the day(s) for which the show was effectively cancelled.
As a distributor, Cucumpa may solely and exclusively cancel tickets and, accordingly, proceed to refund the amount paid when we receive an express order from the Promoter of the event and/or show in the case of cancellations, date changes, and so on.
12.3 Change of date: unless specified otherwise for a specific show, if the date of a show is changed, you will be offered seats (whenever available) for the same value as those reserved in your original tickets. If you are unable to attend the show on the new date, you will be offered a refund for the sales price of your ticket(s), including administration costs for each ticket. You should inform us if you are unable to attend the show on the new date within the deadline we stipulate; otherwise, we may confirm your reservation for the new date and you will not be entitled to demand a refund.
12.4 Substantial Alteration: If a show is substantially altered, you may choose to confirm your corresponding order for the altered show or request a refund (from the sale price of your ticket(s), including the corresponding booking fees per ticket.) In the event that you do not notify us of your decision within 72 hours of notification, we will understand that you choose to confirm your corresponding order for the altered show.. A "substantial alteration" is a change that makes the Show differs substantially from the Show that could generally and reasonably expect ticket buyers. The use of substitutes in theatrical performances and / or any kind of changes in: (i) any opening act; (ii) the members of a group; and / or (iii) the line-up or formation of any show involving multiple artists (such as a festival) will not be considered a substantial alteration.

12.5 In order to request your refund, send a written petition to: Cucumpa (or any other address we convey to you). You should enclose your unused tickets and follow any other indications we have given you. For accounting purposes we will need to receive your unused tickets within 28 days following the date of the canceled show.

You will find all the information you may require in relation to changes and cancellations to our events on the Changes and cancellations web page.
In the event of a cancellation, refunds can be made within a period of fifteen days following the date on which the suspension of the show is publicly announced. Once this period has elapsed, no refunds will be accepted.
Purchases made over the telephone, via the Internet or at ATMs:
The refund of the amount paid for the tickets will be made automatically to the card * with which the purchase was made within a period of approximately 3 to 15 business days. (* the refund will be effective within a period of 3 to 10 business days after you have been notified by us. To verify the payment, you must consult the statement of the card (debit or credit), Bank or Paypal used for the purchase.)

12.6 If you have purchased any article linked to a cancelled show, one that has had the date changed or one that has undergone a major alteration (such as parking or travel) and you are required to receive a refund for the ticket price paid in accordance with this stipulation, you should also be refunded the purchase price of the article you have bought along with the article administration costs.

12.7 These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase do not and shall not affect your legal rights as a consumer. For further information about your legal rights, please contact the Spanish Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AECOSAN).

12.8 Unless sections 12.2, 12.3 or 12.4 are applicable, once they have been purchased, tickets may not be exchanged or refunded.

13. Admission and attendance
13.1 The venue reserves the right to refuse admission if the clients breach any of the terms and conditions of the show or those established by the Promoter. The venue may occasionally be required to undergo consultations in relation to safety to ensure the security of clients. Ticket(s) are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the event Promoter. All details will be at the user’s disposal at the ticket booth in the venue. Any breach of these rules and regulations, or any action that may cause damage, detriment or injury shall entitle the venue or the event Promoter to remove the user from the venue. In any event, Cucumpa advises buyers to be aware of, and refers them to, the rules established by the event Promoter or the specific show at any given time in each case and for each event.
13.2 All efforts will be made to allow individuals arriving late access to show venues during recesses, although admission in these circumstances cannot always be guaranteed.

13.3 No exit or re-entry passes will be issued whatsoever.

13.4 Un authorised use of photographic and recording equipment is strictly prohibited. Photographs, videos and/or recordings may be deleted or destroyed. Laser pens, mobile telephones, dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) and food and drink belonging to clients may also be prohibited from the venue (the venue rules should be checked beforehand).
13.5 Both you and all other ticket holders are granting consent for sound and images to be recorded as you are part of the audience.
13.6 Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can induce hearing loss.
13.7 A show may include special effects such as sound, audiovisual, fireworks or lighting effects, to name a few.

14. Queries and complaints
14.1 Sf you have any query or complaint in relation to your purchase, please contact us quoting the order number provided to you on completing the order process, in the telephone below in our footer, in our help page or directly via our contact form.
14.2 In view of the fact that we sell articles on behalf of Promoters, we may need to contact them to gain further information before responding to a complaint from you. Some complaints may take up to 28 days to solve; however, we will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity.
14.3 If any conflict arises, we will try to deal with queries in a diligent manner and negotiate in good faith, seeking a compromise that is fair and balanced according to your interests, ours and those of the Promoter.

15. Miscellaneous
15.1 These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law and any conflict arising from a transaction with Cucumpa shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.
15.2 These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the General Terms and Conditions of Contract, in addition to any specific terms and conditions established, if applicable, expressly regulate relations between Cucumpa and third parties (hereinafter, "users") who perform a transaction via the website
15.3 If any stipulation set out in these General Terms and Conditions is declared as ineffective or rendered null and void, either in full or in part, the ineffective or annulled provision or part thereof shall only affect the provision or part thereof in question, whereby the remaining General Terms and Conditions shall continue to be effective and it shall be deemed that the provision or part thereof in question had not been originally established.